Las Vegas Hidden Secrets

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The Las Vegas Strip is an amazing place. So is Fremont Street downtown. On the Strip, there are dozens of lavish casinos, mega resorts, fancy clubs, delicious restaurants, and incredible sights you can only see in Las Vegas. You probably already know that. You probably already know about how Caesars Palace, Bellagio, and Venetian are must-see hotels. You probably already know the MGM Grand hosts some of the finest concerts and sporting events around. And you probably know Fremont Street is a great place to party, even if you’ve never been there.

But some of the top attractions in Las Vegas aren’t so well known. There are some hidden secrets in Las Vegas. In fact, some of these hidden secrets are intentionally hidden. These businesses don’t buy billboards to advertise. They don’t pass out flyers around the Strip to get you in the door. Instead, they make you find them. If you visit any of these fine establishments, you’ll be glad we let you in on the secret.

secret pizza place at the cosmo

The entrance to the secret pizza place at the Cosmo.

Secret Pizza at Cosmopolitan

Fittingly named, Secret Pizza at Cosmopolitan is a secret you must discover. It’s one of the best pizza places in town, and it’s also one of the coolest. Cosmopolitan doesn’t advertise Secret Pizza for a reason: they want it to be a secret. In fact, when you enter the casino, you won’t find any hints of this pizza joint. But we promise you it’s there. Finding good New York style pizza in Las Vegas is difficult, which is part of the reason Secret Pizza is the bomb. The entrance is difficult to find – intentionally – so ask around at Cosmopolitan. Someone will help you find this cool pizza joint.

Laundry Room at Commonwealth

Laundry Room is one of the most unique lounges you’ll ever see. It’s located inside the Commonwealth downtown. Similar to Secret Pizza, Laundry Room is a hidden room. This speakeasy can only be entered if you have a reservation. But you can’t call for reservations or stop by to make one. You have to text them for a reservation. What number do you text to get on the list? You’ll have to go over to Commonwealth and ask around for that number. It’s a big secret!

Erotic Heritage Museum

It’s fitting that the Erotic Heritage Museum is located in a city where sex is so prevalent. The Erotic Heritage Museum doesn’t get as much publicity as some other Vegas attractions, but it should. Unless you’re a prude or just hate sex, you’ll have a good time here. The Erotic Heritage Museum is all about sex education. See the Playboy covers wall. Or, our favorite, the Wall of Shame where the museum calls out religious and political leaders for their naughty behavior.

Ellis Island Casino and Brewery

The Ellis island is also a Super 8 motel!

Ellis Island Casino & Brewery

Probably never heard of this place, right? That’s a shame. Fact of the matter is Ellis Island doesn’t get much publicity around town. But they should. Ellis Island is a small casino located just a block east of the Strip, basically behind Bally’s. It’s a fun place to hangout, gamble, and drink. They brew their own beers and they’re quite good. The best part of Ellis Island is the restaurant inside the casino. Good food is almost always so expensive around the Strip, but not at Ellis Island. You can even get a delicious steak dinner for just $8.99.

Las Vegas is the most exciting city in the world. There are dozens of popular attractions and restaurants that most people have heard about. But there are many great places that don’t get the same kind of recognition. Not only are the 4 spots above awesome hidden secrets, there are a few other places we haven’t mentioned that you should check out, including Red Rock Canyon, the Burlesque Hall of Fame, and Zombie Apocalypse Store.

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